Makadif manages a number of female self reliance, empowerment and education initiatives in The Gambia that advise women on micro finance, family planning, reproductive health, illiteracy, FGM, etc.

gambia-women-meetingWe are always on the look out for teaching aids and role models for our classes, events and activities. With the meteoric rise of Misty Copeland and other black ballerinas,it seemed a good idea to begin introducing ballet in to the proceedings.

By watching ballet DVDs, story telling, group discussions, listening to music and teaching the basic ballet steps, it soon became obvious that the women were starting to enjoy the perfection of ballet itself

The strength, self-reliance, confidence and power of the ballet dancer are the key elements of female empowerment that we want young girls to  identify with and the best way to create an instant bond with these girls is to present them with their own pair of ballet shoes.

ballet-shoes-pumpsAt the moment we are relying on donations of ballet shoes from friends and relatives or well wishers and holiday makers who we have met along the way. We are also thrilled to have the support of the Footloose Mission in the US. – More on Ballet Shoe Donations

Our plan is to increase the number of ballet workshops that we hold and in the long term recruit some girls with real potential, determination or ability for serious ballet lessons.

New leather or satin ballet shoes for girls in all sizes would be helpful but seconds, returns, old stock and clearance shoes would also make a difference to things over here.

More on ballet shoe donations
More on ballet book donations

Donations of Ballet Shoes & Ballet Costumes

In Africa, every little helps, be it old ballet shoes, ballet pumps, costumes, ballet training equipment, manuals, annuals, books, CD’s, DVD’s and absolutely anything else in any way related with ballet and dance.

Play a part in our African ballet and dance development projects: We are happy to receive volunteers, sponsorship, funding or donations of anything involving ballet, dance and the performing arts.

We would be thrilled if you could offer us any support?


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