For Zoe Butchen, 15, launched Dance Donations to distribute used costumes to studios that can’t afford their own. “A huge part of me revolves around the idea of giving back,” she says. 

ballet-costume-donationsAt the age of 3, I started taking dance, and each year I would look forward to my dance recital to get dressed up in a beautiful costume.

Many little girls dream about being a dancer and wearing fancy costumes.

In 2010, when I was 10 years old, it occurred to me that I didn’t use them for dress-up anymore and that my costumes from each year’s dance recital were collecting dust in the attic of my house.

I realized that there are many children that share my love for dance but are unable to afford costumes. I approached my parents with an idea, “what if I could collect dance costumes from other children like me, and donate them to less privileged dancers or schools?”. From that idea, was created.

My organization has flourished, thanks to the generosity of my fellow dancers, parents, teachers and schools.

Follow the link to visit the Dance Donations Website