Combining skill development, artistic expression and composition

Course Overview

Our creative dance classes are for children with all levels of dance experience. These classes commence when children are at the age  of 6 or 7.
We believe that there is no right or wrong way to move however the ability to dance freely with skill and creativity comes from a thorough study of the creative dance concepts.
Creative dance helps children to centre and focus and is a great form of mental and physical exercise and creative expression.

Class Objectives

  • To celebrate and honour every child’s natural abilities and reveal their unique talents
  • Developing strength, technical ability and growth in a stress free and creative space
  • Fostering relationships, sociability and individuality
  • Teaching dancers the creative dance
    concepts and choreographic forms

Creative Movement Concepts

A new concept is explored in every weekly class. The dance concepts are a study of Laban Movement Analysis. There are many concepts to explore, some examples are:direction, speed, weight, relationship, space, focus, flow, balance, energy, size, rhythm, pathways and weight

Class Outline

Our creative dance programs are structured around a 5 part lesson plan and include a mix of teacher directed and child centred activities.

1. BRAIN DANCE to warm up the body and focus the brain
2. EXPLORE A WEEKLY CONCEPT e.g. space, speed, level, relationship, rhythm, balance
3. SKILL DEVELOPMENT contemporary dance skills and technique
4. CHOREOGRAPHY children learn to use their own ideas to create choreography, structured improvisations or group dance

Age Groups

Classes are streamed by age and and progress year by year. As dancers mature, the class conent becomes more demanding increasing the technical and creative challenges to suit the age and ability of your child.