Tasha Bertram –  London Ballet Dancer & Teacher

We are excited to be receiving help and guidance with the development of our ballet project from Tasha Bartram of the The Legat School of Russian Ballet, La Compagnia Balletto Classico in Italy and The London City Ballet.

tasha-bertram-balletClassical Ballet Dancer, Singer, Actress and Teacher Anastasia Bertram, known  as Tasha, is an inspiration to us. Though petite of build, her strength of character and courage is dauntless.

This became evident at the age of nine when she set her heart on going to The Legat School of Russian Ballet.

Tasha had to go through the rigorous selection process from the Royal Ballet to confirm she had the right physique and potential.

Only after their acceptance, would the West Sussex Council award her a full grant to go to Legat. Needless to say she did pass the tests and when asked why she’d chosen The Legat School of Russian Ballet, her response was simple “It felt like home“.

In later years when grants were cut and Tasha’s parents encountered financial difficulties, the spirit of ‘Legat’ was to recognise her talent and allowed her dream of becoming a ballet dancer to continue. They agreed to accept payment in potatoes, (her father, Tim Bertram, being a potato farmer).

She has also produced a short film through her own production company ‘Brodie Films’ in which she played the lead role, adapted the screenplay and even wrote the soundtrack.

Follow the link to read about Tasha Bertram’s ballet experiences with The Legat School of Russian Ballet, La Compagnia Balletto Classico in Italy and The London City Ballet.

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Tasha Bertram – Russian Ballet Dancer & Teacher