We are thrilled to be working with Rosy Nevard who is the founder of Nova Grace Productions which uses ballet educational and outreach performances and workshops to raise awareness of specific social problems such as mental illness, HIV and child sex abuse.

Rosy is an experienced teacher of all age groups including professional company classes and Nova Grace Productions create and deliver dance performances and plays, creative dance workshops, discussions and conversations, to people all over the world and work on a mixture of independent and collaborative projects, developing partnerships with other like-minded people and organisations to deliver dance opportunities to those who may not otherwise experience dance.

Nova Grace have worked with the under privileged children in inner city areas of Los Angeles and London and more recently have began projects in Belize and Uganda.

Rosy’s dance training began at the the Judith Wilson School of Dance in Kent where she performed with various youth companies, including three seasons with the London Children’s Ballet in works by Cathy Marston and David Fielding.

She subsequently continued her training at the Central School of Ballet, participating in the “Central Tour”, where she was given the opportunity of working with choreographers Christopher Bruce and Christopher Marney.

Rosy graduated in July 2010 with a BA (Hons) degree in Professional Dance and Performance and since then has worked on projects with The Absolute Gospel Company, Artist Di Mainstone, and Stephen Pelton Dance Theatre. She is experienced in teaching all age groups and also professional company classes.

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Ballet Outreach Donations, Funding & Sponsorship

Gambia Ballet Factory aims to reach out to Gambian kids and young adults to introduce, experience and feel the joy of classic ballet. Gambia Ballet Factory offers regular ballet classes, workshops, film festivals, birthday celebrations etc.

We are commited to educate and inspire future generations of ballet dancers and audiences in West Africa and we need your help to achieve this.

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Rosy Nevard – Nova Grace Productions