Tap Uganda  was founded by Pan Vlach and provides dance education for the children of Uganda through the use of technology and visiting artists. 

Life isn’t easy for people in Uganda. There are approximately 2.5 million orphans in the country, and 1.2 million of those are orphaned because of AIDS.

Many of  these children are homeless or living in children’s centers on the outskirts of Kampala. Dance education provides joy, resources, community, and an outlet for creative and emotional expression.

Some go to school, but many can’t, and access to arts education can change their lives. Training of any kind is secondary to survival and ny new skills can mean possibilities for employment, food, shelter, necessities, and education.

Attending class weekly also provides the children with community, self-confidence, an avenue for creative and emotional expression, and a safe place to go.

The mission of Tap Uganda is to provide the orphans of Kampala, Uganda with training, resources, and opportunities to become leaders and educators in their community.

Dance education is a powerful doorway for that mission, but academic educations are essential for job viability.

Now that our basics are covered, they are collecting funds to begin a foundation that will help pay for educations for the children of Tap Uganda.

Even public schools are a luxury in Kampala, and require fees that are out of reach for many of these kids.

However, attending school will alter the trajectory of an orphan’s life, and provide her/him with a more secure future.

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Pam Vlach – Tap Uganda
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