Limelight Dance Studios donated over 100 ballet costume pieces to Anno’s Africa, a UK-based charity offering creative arts education to children in Africa.

ballet-donations-kenya-africaThey are the ballerinas of Kenya.

They are dressed in the leotards donated by Hamilton dance studio Limelight.

They perform a pirouette and the simple action gives them a small time frame to forget that they come from poverty. Some forget they are orphans.

The kids are part of Anno’s Africa, a UK-based charity which offers arts education to vulnerable children in some of Africa’s most deprived city slums.

The ballerinas come from the most deprived parts of Kenya. Some sleep on the streets or in shacks with no amenities. They and their families struggle to feed themselves on a dollar a day. Some are orphans.

Many of the dancers, who have been participating for the last two years in the Kenyan programme, scavenge rubbish tips to find something to sell so that they can cobble together enough for an evening meal.

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Donated Leotards Turn Kenyan Orphans Into Ballerinas
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