New Zealand Ballet & Dance Outreach Project

Ballet is for Everyone is a non-profit, completely volunteer run, community that provides free ballet lessons for children in Wellington, New Zealand by Emily & Sarah.

ballet-is for-everyone-nzThey believe that dance classes teach so much for than just dance.

.Dance classes are where friendships are made, confidence is built and children gain a connection to their bodies and can express themselves, all while learning that movement can be fun!

Emily is all about empowering, supporting, and caring for mums, and she’s into creating and fostering spaces that support and nurture mothers

She wants a to create a home for all children who need a place that’s safe for them to be who they are. She is a feminist who believes all children should be able to wear tutus if they want to!

Sarah s an ex-dancer who knows first hand how amazing dancing can be for children. Sarah is excited to give kids these opportunities in a low pressure environment where they can be themselves and have as much fun as possible.

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Ballet is for Everyone – New Zealand Ballet & Dance Development
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