Ballet Outreach & School Development In Africa

Our ballet outreach mission is to help young disadvantaged and underprivileged girls in Gambia to expand their horizons, explore their creativity and build the friendships, confidence, self esteem and discipline to live a better life.

We are attracting young and enthusiastic ballet students from all levels of society and survive on donations and local fundraising events.

We have capitalised on our supporters’ generosity to create something that in its present state is actually financially sustainable and is inspiring young girls in Gambia

Ballet Outreach & Community Development

We are a loose collective of ballet enthusiasts based in The Gambia in West Africa. We started out as a social group that used to meet to discuss ballet and to swap and watch DVDs and we have gained momentum to the extent that we now run ballet awareness workshops at a number of women’s groups, local schools and community centres.

  • We have built up some momentum with 60 students paying fees that have been used to develop and deliver ballet education programs in 4 local schools.
  • We have staged 3 performances and are about to start filming a short documentary and some outdoor performances with a Gambian film maker.
  • We have had 3 volunteer ballet teachers visit and work with us.
  • All of our students and participating schools have been recruited by word of mouth and recommendation.
  • Our next challenge is to find a permanent home for the Gambia Ballet Factory from where we can start to scale things up and become a creative hub and centre of excellence for ballet, film, music and the performing arts.

So far we have had 4 homes and we now need our own studio equipped with mirrors, barres and dance flooring from where we will offer more and better quality ballet lessons and share or rent the space to other dance and performing arts companies, teachers and organisations.

We have filed our registration as a Gambian Charity and once we are legal and official we will be able to raise the GBF profile in Gambia to boost attendances, revenue and our outreach program by using local Gambian Facebook Groups, press advertising and special events.

These increased revenue streams will fund the drive to introduce our ballet education program to more Gambian schools and pay ballet tuition scholarships for the girls we find who are truly motivated and show the most potential.

Ballet Outreach Donations, Funding & Sponsorship

Gambia Ballet Factory aims to reach out to Gambian kids and young adults to introduce, experience and feel the joy of classic ballet. Gambia Ballet Factory offers regular ballet classes, workshops, film festivals, birthday celebrations etc.

We are commited to educate and inspire future generations of ballet dancers and audiences in West Africa and we need your help to achieve this.

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