Like all our ballet classes, in Improvers 1 you will focus on improving posture and balance. You’ll take your skills to the next level by developing the athleticism and grace needed to meet the more technical demands of ballet, and of course continue to have fun.

Our Ballet Improvers 1 classes follow on from our Ballet Beginners class, enabling you to continue to master the skills fundamental to ballet. Our teachers offer constant support in an enjoyable atmosphere, making sure you get the most from your class.

Ballet Course Content

Exact course content may differ depending on the duration of the course and your needs, but topics covered generally include:

Understand and improve posture: and an awareness of your body in space
Demonstrate and identify movements: and learn their names
Learn more challenging footwork combinations: and short simple choreography
Master longer strengthening exercises: including increasingly challenging balances
Training for: petit batterie, en dedans & en dehoir turns and grand allegro

You’ll receive friendly feedback throughout the course.