Our Beginners Ballet Classes for children and adults are perfect for those with little or no ballet experience (or those with only distant memories of taking classes at school). The

Beginners Ballet courses will improve your balance, teach you how to move gracefully, and enable you to tone up and develop flexibility.

Ballet Class Content

Within a Beginners Ballet course you will cover:

Learn basic combination of steps: and short, simple choreography
Barre exercises and stretches: including learning each exercise name and meaning
Learning footwork combinations
Introduction to allegro
Introduction to turning
Understand posture: and an awareness of your body in space
Develop basic co-ordination: of arms / feet / head

Throughout your course you will be given feedback, and please feel free to ask any questions you have to our tutors.

Additional Ballet Information

Gambia Dance Factory’s Beginners Ballet class will leave you with a clear understanding of the techniques fundamental to the art of ballet. You’ll receive friendly feedback throughout the course.