Ray Lindsey of the Pennsylvania Ballet

We are extremely grateful to Ray Lindsey of the Pennsylvania Ballet. for his kind donation of music for our ballet workshops in Gambia, West Africa.

Ray LindsyRay Lindsey has played for dance companies all over the United States, including Kansas City Ballet, Minnesota Dance Theater, Pacific Northwest Ballet, and currently Pennsylvania Ballet.

Besides piano, he also plays mBira, violin, xylophone, guitar, harp, and various other instruments. His styles range from classical to blues to jazz to African and other world music.

In addition to playing the works of other composers, he has composed many of his own pieces including numerous works for modern dance choreographers.

Teachers and inspirations include George Salisbury, Kansas City jazz pianist; Trudy Pitts, Philadelphia jazz pianist; Baby Gramps, eccentric Seattle ragtime guitar player; and Aaron Bebe, Ghanian xylophonist

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Ballet Lessons & Training For Young Football Players In Africa

Classical ballet dancers have a saying that ‘if ballet was easy it would be called football’.  The challenges faced by the best young ballerinas and youth football players are very similar

Both require immense dedication and training, many of the same muscle groups are used, both require finesse, speed, strength and balance in bursts, and even similar injuries can be found between the best football players and today’s top ballet dancers.

England captain Rio Ferdinand was so good at ballet he won a five-year scholarship to the Central School of Ballet before becoming a professional football player. Former Manchester United striker Dion Dublin used the dance discipline to aid his recovery from a career-threatening injury. Queens Park Rangers had a tie-up with the English National Ballet and even Wimbledon during the years of the so-called ‘€˜crazy gang’€™, featuring the likes of Vinnie Jones and Dennis Wise, trained with a ballet company.

Many football players exhibit strength, but may be lacking in other areas. Ballet lessons for youth and grassroots football players can help develop and increase flexibility and agility. This helps players learn how to move quickly on their feet, change directions with greater balance and stability and so play better football and avoid injuries.

Ballet dance routines and training stimulates a connection between your brain and your body that helps you do your best in all activities, including football. Ballet lowers your stress, stimulates you intellectually and helps you recognize and deal with patterns, spacial issues and sequences, which are essential to football strategy.

Ballet also gives young players the mental concentration and confidence to perform well in front of an audience or in big matches.

Academy of Dance and Art, Nairobi, Kenya

The Academy of Dance and Art first opened its doors in September 2009 and is now in its sixth year of operations. We now have 250 pupils who come to the Studio for Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Tap classes. In addition to this we teach at various school around Nairobi.

The emphasis is on having fully qualified teachers who can put and maintain the high standard that have been set and achieved over the years. We follow the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) from London’s syllabus for ballet and The Imperial Society of Dance Teachers (ISTD) syllabus in respect of Modern, Jazz and Tap. This enable us to offer the opportunity of taking exams in the chosen genre of dance.

The aim is for the students to have fun whilst learning the discipline dance gives but that we can also lay the foundations for students to take this to a professional level.

We are located in Rhino House on Karen Road, the building houses three studios, one with a harlequin floor to ballet and pointe work especially. A smaller studio that especially is used for tap and a ballroom that is used for exams, our shows and dance classes.

We have ballroom dancing for adults on a Wednesday evening starting at 19.00 and all are welcome. This is fun, good exercise and keeping you fit.

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Kamata School of Dance, Nairobi, Kenya

kamata-dance-school-nairobiDance promotes fitness, imparts poise and creates self-confidence. Join us on the dance floor and learn more about the fascinating world of dance.

We have fantastic teachers, amazing musicians and an atmosphere that inspires learning.

Kamata School of Dance offers classes in Salsa, classical ballet, modern and contemporary dances such as Break Dance and Hip Hop.

Kamata Dance Division has achieved a reputation throughout the dance world in Kenya for the superior quality of its artistic training.

Kamata School of Dance aims to create true contemporary dancers – trained equally in contemporary and classical modern dance.

Kamata School opens the dancer’s eyes and minds to all the choreographic possibilities that lie ahead. Many of our former students have gone on to successful careers as choreographers.

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Kenya Dance Academy, Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya Dance Academy, Nairobi, KenyaKenya dance academy has developed a wonderful, caring and nurturing group of teachers who genuinely love what they do. They are very experienced and are passionate about teaching at Kenya dance academy .

The teachers at the Kenya Dance Academy are deliberate about changing lives and leaving clients better than they came in. The Kenya Dance Academy prides itself in providing its students with the best teachers.

All our teachers have extensive dance resumes having danced professionally, some at the highest possible level. However, not only do our teachers possess the technical knowledge and experience, more importantly they also have the ability to teach and have the personality to build relationships and earn the respect of their students.

The Kenya Dance Academy is constantly striving to maintain the highest possible standard of teachers as we recognize that any dance studio is only as good as its faculty. Whilst we recognize the importance of developing our students as dancers, we also recognize the necessity of having fun and nurturing our students love for dance. All our teachers are employed because they share our philosophy of having a balance between hard work and fun in the dance class.

At The Kenya Dance Academy, our teachers believe that success doesn’t come from awards or accolades or the size of the school’s enrolment, it is from making a positive influence in our clients and students life.

K.D.A has a superbly run office and front desk. Organization is a key feature at K.D.A. We have systems in place to ensure that the studio is organized and operates in a smooth and efficient manner. Office staffs are always available when the studio is open to provide a fantastic service and cater to the needs of clients and students.

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Strauss School of Music & Dance, Abuja, Nigeria

Strauss School of Music and Dance, is at the top of the list of top 10 Music and Dance Schools in Nigeria.

Strauss School of Music and dance is located in the beautiful capital city of Abuja, catering to all abilities from beginner to advanced. Courses are both residential and non residential.

Students can aspire to earn graded qualifications in music up to a Diploma, through the London College of Music examinations from the University of West London.

The school is located in a serene development in Abuja’s modern suburb of Maitama. Less than 2 miles from the city centre, the conservatory is easily accessible from all the major districts and school locations.
You’re welcome to visit the Music and Performing Arts school from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m Monday to Friday and up to 6 p.m on Saturdays.

Courses and Programs

At Strauss School of Music we run two academy’s, Senior and Junior Academy, both running full time and part time courses. Our full time Diploma courses have residential option, making it possible to attend from outside Abuja.

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Dance Centre Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya

Dance Centre Kenya, Nairobi, KenyaIn January of 2015 four families, the MacSweens, Plumbes, Dolan/Shaws, and Vaderas came together to establish a new school of dance in Nairobi.  With very different backgrounds and professions these families quickly became unified under the prospect of bringing an international level of training to the children of Kenya.  Professional American ballerina Cooper Rust was brought on board as Artistic Director, and so, Dance Centre Kenya was born.

Since then more than one hundred students have enrolled in DCK, where ballet, tap, jazz, modern, musical theatre and contemporary dance are offered for people of all ages.

From the beginning, there has been a commitment to reaching into the Kenyan community and finding talented students, irrespective of their ability to pay for this training.  Although in its infancy, DCK’s sponsorship program is already affecting the lives of future dancers.

 With a training program based on the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus and annual examinations, DCK will provide aspiring dancers with more than technical training; our students will have multiple performance opportunities annually to express their artistic prowess and expose Kenya to what ballet and dance is all about.

Girl Rising – Charity Empowering & Educating Girls

Girl Rising uses storytelling to inspire action that gets girls into classrooms worldwide. Educating girls can break cycles of poverty in just one generation, yet millions of girls aren’t in school.

GirlRising_0When girls are educated, communities thrive and economies grow. Yet, an estimated 62 million girls are not in school, and millions more are fighting to stay there.

When girls are educated, they gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to break the cycle of poverty.

An educated girl will marry later, have fewer, healthier children, and will earn more money that she can re-invest in her family and community.

Girl Rising is a global campaign for girls’ education. We use the power of storytelling to share the simple truth that educating girls can transform societies.

Girl Rising unites girls, women, boys and men who believe every girl has the right to go to school and the right to reach her full potential.

TGirl Rising Photo #1he Girl Rising mission is to change the way the world values the girl.

Everything we do is to ensure that girls’ education is part of the mainstream conversation and raise awareness about the issue, inspire action and drive resources to our partners, and together we make change happen.

Girl Rising do this through film and other tools, such as educational and advocacy videos, screening guides and a free standards-aligned school curriculum.

Girl Rising are focused on getting girls in school and are launching in India, the Democratic Republic of Congo and West Africa in partnership with USAID.

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Ballet is for Everyone – New Zealand Dance Charity

Ballet is for Everyone is a non-profit, completely volunteer run, community that provides free ballet lessons for children in Wellington, New Zealand by Emily & Sarah.

ballet-is for-everyone-nzThey believe that dance classes teach so much for than just dance.

.Dance classes are where friendships are made, confidence is built and children gain a connection to their bodies and can express themselves, all while learning that movement can be fun!

Emily is all about empowering, supporting, and caring for mums, and she’s into creating and fostering spaces that support and nurture mothers

She wants a to create a home for all children who need a place that’s safe for them to be who they are. She is a feminist who believes all children should be able to wear tutus if they want to!

Sarah s an ex-dancer who knows first hand how amazing dancing can be for children. Sarah is excited to give kids these opportunities in a low pressure environment where they can be themselves and have as much fun as possible.

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Dance & Ballet Development Projects In Africa

We are committed to educating and inspiring future generations of ballet dancers and audiences in West Africa and we need your help to achieve this.

Africa has shaped the artistic world for centuries especially in the areas of dance and music.

The Gambia Ballet Factory takes pride in these forms of art and is committed to their preservation, development and promotion.

The aim of The Gambia Ballet Factory is to add to this heritage by creating a world-class standard for ballet classes, lessons, courses, training, tuition, performance, education and expression in West Africa.

Make a donation now and help us get the next generation moving!

Our ballet introduction and education program in The Gambia is entirely funded by donations, project grants and philanthropic support.

A tax-deductible donation to the Gambia Ballet Factory will enable our insanely talented ballet teachers to deliver an entire series of weekly classes and experiences for ballet dancers aged 6-18 years that parents can truly value.