Interest in Classical Ballet is growing all across Africa and potential African ballerinas, ballet dancers, ballet teachers &  choreographers now have a number of inspirational role models from the international world of classical ballet.

Ballet Development Project In Schools In The Gambia, West Africa

ballet-lessons-africaWe at the Gambia Ballet Factory have a vision for every young person in Gambia to experience classical ballet at least once in their life.

We use the grace and beauty of ballet to help dis advantaged children to build confidence, self discipline and explore their creativity.

Our mission is to help increase the exposure to and raise the awareness of classical ballet in Gambia.

Ballet Awareness Workshops Using Story Telling & Musical Appreciation


At the moment we run a number of workshops in local schools and community centres, that give underprivileged children  a chance to participate in ballet lessons, ballet classes, ballet film shows, ballet story telling and ballet musical appreciation workshops.

In the future we have the vision to build a ballet institution that would offer professional training of an international standard to ballet dancers in The Gambia.and hopefully provide scholarships to assist those with real talent in their ballet development and training.

Share Your Passion For Ballet With The Gambia Dance Factory

ballet-film-festivalAttracting sponsorship, donations, volunteers or funding for a ballet development program in Gambia is challenging and time consuming.

With dedication, a great team effort, planning and strategy, our fund raisers are raising money and collecting ballet shoes, ballet DVDs and Ballet books to support our ballet, dance and community development projects across Gambia.

Play a part in our Gambian ballet and dance development projects: We are happy to receive volunteers, sponsorship, funding or donations of anything involving ballet, dance and the performing arts.